alien beauty

Bee you tiful B&W
Bee-you-tiful B&W | 2019
Unique artwork (Ed. of 1) €50.000,-

african alien beauty portrait
Bee Golden | 2021
Edition of 2+1AP €28.000,-


Bee you tiful
Bee-you-tiful | 2019
Edition of 2+1AP €25.000,-


Beautyfly | 2019
Edition of 5+1AP €13.000,-


Bee Extra
Bee Extra | 2019
Edition of 2+1AP €25.000,-


alien beauty portrait
Bee Extravaganza | 2019
Edition of 2+1AP €25.000,-


Audacious| 2019
Edition of 2+1AP €25.000,-


Diamond Drops
Diamond Drops | 2019
Edition of 8+2AP €4.000,-


Madagascan Beauty
Madagascan Beauty | 2019
Edition of 5+1AP €13.000,-


chinese alien beauty portrait
Ru-Bee-Red | 2021
Edition of 2+1AP €28.000,-


Bee licious
Bee-Licious | 2021
Edition of 8+2AP €4.000,-

Alien Beauty
Alien Beauty | 2019
Edition of 5+1AP €13.000,-


what would the world be like without these small but complicated miracles?

Studies have shown; 76% reduction in flying insects. 45% reduction in invertebrate insects.

In this series, I like to show a glimpse of the beauty of insects in a different way by fusing it with more familiar beauty.

I would like to bring these wonders to the attention so that they too will be more appreciated and we as humanity will start to value their work and presence differently.

It would be a shame if we were the cause of their downfall and, indirectly, our own.








The artworks from this series are available through;

Saatchi Art Online




November, 2019 – ongoing

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