Seals at a palace

Seal Of Treasures  | Treasures | 2020


In this series, the treasures of humanity are combined with the treasures from nature.
Humanity often creates treasures in their own worlds, distancing from the world around them, with each treasure confirming ourselves as the pinnacles of creation, but with each treasure we achieve, we often forget we are connected with mother nature and that we, ourselves, are products of her grand architecture, and are a part of her beautiful but fragile treasure.


The Treasures series has been awarded 1st Place at the International 15th Pollux Awards 2020 in Digital Manipulation / Collage and has received multiple Honorable Mentions in Fine Art in the  International Photography Awards (IPA), 2020 and in the International Prix De La Photographie Paris (PX3) 2020.

Limited Edition prints are available through Saatchi Art



Concept 2019

May, 2020 – ongoing

elephant inside palace

Pillars Of The Earth | Treasures | 2020

detail elephant in palace

Pillars Of The Earth Detail | Treasures | 2020

zebra in a palace

Drops Of Diamonds | Treasures | 2020

Two Flamingos and stairs

Golden Ratio | Treasures | 2020

two flamingos and stairs close up

Golden Ratio Detail | Treasures | 2020

ostrich ballet

Ballet Of Life | Treasures | 2020

Ballet Of Life Detail | Treasures | 2020

white tigers in palace from treasures series

The Guardians | Treasures | 2020

white tigers detail

The Guardians Detail | Treasures | 2020

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