Futuristic Birth
Futuristic Birth | 2020

Futuristic Dreamer
Futuristic Dreamer | 2020

Our Own Bubble
Our Own Bubble | 2020

Divided Between Worlds
Divided Between Worlds | 2020

Divided Between Worlds Detail
Divided Between Worlds Detail | Futuristic Birth | 2020
Connected By Light
Connected By Light | 2020

Connected By Light Detail
Detail from ‘Connected By Light’ | Futuristic Birth | 2020
Highway Of Dreams
Highway Of Dreams | 2020

how will the development of a person go in the future?

Will we be born as fully grown people with a dreamed childhood?

Feeling safer and more comfortable in the protected world bubble in which people are created and lose touch with reality?

Will we be physically perfected by our faith in science and machines, when exercising is no longer a necessity for a healthy and perfect body and preventing dependency in old age?

Will we ever be given the freedom to create our own lives according to how we want ourselves to be, or will we always remain a product of influences of the outside world?

Forgetting the world outside is a reflection of the world within.






January, 2020

Concept, Photography, Editing & 3D Rendering by Cheraine Collette

3D elements created by LEF3D

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