nude woman lying on the back of an elephant

Nude Elephant Dust (coloured) | Where Is Adam? | 2020

In the beginning we all lived peacefully together in a place called paradise.


But over time, humans grew further apart from the animals.


In this series I wonder how things could have been if we didn’t leave paradise,


is there still a way to return?


Is there a way to create a new?


Will we find a way?



Note: With this series, I make people more aware that the physical use of animals is not necessary for the final photo or film nowadays.


The model, landscape, and animals(in their natural habitat from a safe distance) are photographed separately and form the elements for each composition. The photographs are united by digital manipulation, usually by many hours/days of hand-drawn digital/painting.



The Where is Adam? series has been awarded Gold at the International Prix De La Photographie Paris (PX3) 2020 in Fine Art/Nude and has received 1st Place in Nude & Figure in the 14th Pollux Awards, and the title of Overall Winner in the 15th Julia Margaret Cameron Awards,  and the series has received a number of other Honorable Mentions and Nominees in International awards.


Limited Edition Prints

Each photograph from the series is produced as an exclusive limited edition with a total of 30 physical works worldwide.


Sizes & Editions


Image Size =  120 x 80 cm | ± 47 x 31 inch              Edition of 12/2AP


Image Size = 180 x 120 cm | ± 71 x 47 inch              Edition of 9/2AP


Image Size = 210 x 140 cm | ± 83 x 55 inch             Edition of 3/1AP


Image Size = 225 x 150 cm | ± 89 x 59 inch             Edition of 1/0AP



Limited Edition prints are available through Saatchi Art





Concept Spring 2019

Spring 2019 – ongoing

model hanging on tusks elephant at a waterfall

Uplifting (Coloured) | Where Is Adam? | 2020

Where Is Adam Coloured

Poetry In Motion (Coloured) | Where Is Adam?| 2020

Will We Find A Way? (Coloured) | Where Is Adam? | 2020

Allure (Yellow) | Where Is Adam? | 2020

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