nude woman lying on the back of an elephant
Nude Elephant Dust (Coloured) | 2020

In the beginning we all lived peacefully together in a place called paradise...

But over time, humans grew further apart from the animals.

In this series I wonder how things could have been if we didn’t leave paradise,

is there still a way to return?

Is there a way to create a new?

Will we find a way?




Note: This series is also dedicated to bring more awareness that the physical use of animals is not necessary for the final photo or film nowadays.


The model, landscape, and animals(in their natural habitat from a safe distance) are photographed separately and form the elements for each composition. The photographs are united by digital manipulation, usually by many hours/days of hand-drawn digital/painting.








The artworks from this series are available through;

Villa Del Arte Galleries

Saatchi Art Online





Spring 2019 – ongoing

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