icarus and daedalus flying together
Icarus and Daedalus | 2022


blinded by his love for the sun

Beyond the achievements of any other mortal,

blinded by his love for the sun,

Icarus would risk all.

Should some frontiers never be reached,

as his father Daedalus guided?

Reaching out beyond the Gods and the Heavens of Olympus

Was Icarus destined to fall?

Icarus painting details torso and historic bracelet
Detail from ‘Icarus and Daedalus’ | 2022
Historic bracelets A.D. 100 – 250 Meroitic Period | The MET MUSEUM
Icarus and Daedalus crete island and the see of crete details
Detail from ‘Icarus and Daedalus’ | 2022
Flying above the Sea of Crete, escaping the island and imprisonment of King Minos

Circe, a daughter of the sun god Helios

and a gifted sorceress who could turn anyone into animals. She lived in her palace surrounded by nature on her own island Aeaea.

greek mythology circe daughter of helios
Detail from ‘Circe’ | 2022

As water that sculpted the rocks for thousands of years,

 Sages, Myths, Religion, Fairy tales, and heroic deeds have sculpted humanity in endless ways and forms.

It inspired our forefathers to build the countless treasures we hold dear, our connection to our past, but have we lost touch?

Veins of our past slowly fading into oblivion, are we rebuilding together a new pantheon of stories to sculpt humanity?

To inspire us to new ways and heroic heights?

Or does the sun not set on this old world and can it transform to inspire the new?







The artworks of this series are available through;

 Saatchi Art Online




January 2022 – ongoing

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