Water Ballet MARVELS
Water Ballet | 2019
Waltz Of The Whales
Waltz Of The Whales| 2019
Stairs And Stripes
Stairs And Stripes| 2019
Tallest In The Building
Tallest In The Building| 2019
Staring Lions
Staring Lions| 2019
Dress Code
Dress Code| 2019
Dress Code Detail
Dress Code Detail | 2019
Steps Of A Giant
Steps Of A Giant| 2019
Shall We Dance
Shall We Dance? | 2019
Camel Spa
Camel Spa | 2019
Monkey Business
Monkey Business | 2019
flamingos standing in front of a waterfall in an abandoned building
Inner Peace | 2020
Big First Impression
Big First Impression | 2020
Big First Impression detail
Big First Impression Detail | 2020
Making An Entrance
Making An Entrance | 2020
Climbing To The Top
Climbing To The Top | 2020
Next Level
Next Level | 2020
Leopards Never Lose Their Spots
Leopards Never Lose Their Spots | 2020
Cheetahs in an abandoned mansion with piano and a staircase
Orchestra Of Life | 2020
orchestra of life detail of cheetah cubs sitting on a piano
Orchestra Of Life Detail | 2020
Earn Your Stripes | 2020
detail bengal tiger by cheraine collette
Earn Your Stripes Detail | 2020
The Legend Of The Pelican
The Legend Of The Pelican | 2022
Roseate spoonbills
Symphony In Pink | 2022
Symphony In Pink Detail | 2022

how will places look, when forces of nature reclaim what once was lost...

Will the new inhabitants of these marvels simply be bypassers or will they stay and make thriving cities of nature’s life.

Because of mankind, the animals have been pushed to live in the most abandoned regions of the earth.

In search of places where men are rarer than animals.

Shall the ballrooms be again a place of dance and joy, rooms full of life, 

and the buildings a place of comfort and shelter against the crude forces who retook them?




Limited Edition Prints


Each photograph from the series is produced as an exclusive limited edition with a total of 28 physical works worldwide.

Limited Edition prints are available through;

Villa Del Arte Galleries

Saatchi Art Online



Sizes & Editions


100 x 67 cm |± 39 x 26 inch or

120 x 80 cm | ± 47 x 31 inch

Edition of 7/1AP

Prices starting from €3.700 – €6.000 incl. 9% VAT


150 x 100 cm | ± 59 x 39 inch or
180 x 120 cm | ± 71 x 47 inch

Edition of 14/3AP

Prices starting from €8.000 – €13.000 incl. 9% VAT


225 x 150 cm | ± 89 x 59 inch

Edition of 2/1AP

Prices starting from €24.000,- incl. 9% VAT





Concept 2017

February, 2019 – 2020

Concept, Animal Photography & Editing by Cheraine Collette

Uninhabited Places Photography by Yoerie Custers

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