where is eve
On The Path Of Destiny (Coloured) | Where Is Eve? | 2020
Detail from On The Path Of Destiny (Coloured) | Where Is Eve? | 2020
Faith (Coloured) | Where Is Eve? | 2020
Detail from Faith (Coloured) | Where Is Eve? | 2020
man riding giraffes
Devine Rhythm (Coloured) | Where Is Eve? | 2021
nude man hugging a giraffe, standing on an old tree
Embrace Of Kindness (Coloured) | Where Is Eve? | 2021
nude man with lion at a waterfall
The Frontier Of Paradise (Coloured) | Where Is Eve?| 2021
nude man riding on an elephant towards the camera
Elephated Dawn (Coloured) | Where Is Eve? | 2021

In the beginning we all lived peacefully together in a place called paradise...

But over time, humans grew further apart from the animals.

In this series I wonder how things could have been if we didn’t leave paradise,

is there still a way to return?

Is there a way to create a new?

Will we find a way?

Note: With this series, I make people more aware that the physical use of animals is not necessary for the final photo or film nowadays.

The model, landscape, and animals(in their natural habitat from a safe distance) are photographed separately and form the elements for each composition. The photographs are united by digital manipulation, usually by many hours/days of hand-drawn digital/painting.





The Where Is Eve series is still fairly new and therefore hasn’t received awards yet. However, the counterpart The Where is Adam? series has been awarded Gold at the International Prix De La Photographie Paris (PX3) 2020 in Fine Art/Nude and has received 1st Place in Nude & Figure in the 14th Pollux Awards, and the title of Overall Winner in the 15th Julia Margaret Cameron Awards,  and the series has received a number of other Honorable Mentions and Nominees in International awards. 



Limited Edition Prints


Each photograph from the series is produced as an exclusive limited edition with a total of 28 physical works worldwide.

Limited Edition prints are available through;

Villa Del Arte Galleries



Sizes & Editions


120 x 80 cm | ± 47 x 31 inch

Edition of 12/2AP

Prices starting from €6.000,- incl. 9% VAT


180 x 120 cm | ± 71 x 47 inch

Edition of 9/2AP

Prices starting from €12.000,- incl. 9% VAT


225 x 150 cm | ± 89 x 59 inch

Edition of 2/1AP

Prices starting from €24.000,- incl. 9% VAT





Concept Spring 2019

January, 2021 – ongoing

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