candy dream

Pastel Lions and a dream-like landscape from candy dream series by cheraine collette
Candy Lions | 2020


pastel lions closeup
Detail from ‘Candy Lions’ | 2020
pastel elephants with temple in background
pastel elephants close up
Detail from ‘Candy Floss’ | 2020
pastel ostriches like ballerinas
pastel ostrich eyes and lashes close up
Detail from ‘Cotton Candy’ | 2020

Where the impossible is possible...

A dream,
A place that remains mostly unseen,
Covered in mystery,
A place that unveils itself through time,
Am I a traveller of this mysterious place?
A glimpse of this world that is mine.
Soft mountain clouds, as gentle rivers flow by,
Over the horizon, soft gentle colours like candy,
Colour life that is near,
A gentle dream, an endless world
That gives inspiration by my travels
Wonders that I hold dear.






The artworks from this series are available through;

Villa Del Arte Galleries

Saatchi Art Online




Concept 2020

July, 2020 – ongoing

Comments from Social Media (Selection)

“Wonderful–imaginative and creative–you are an original talent!” @EdwardLRubin

“You have a great and divergent vision and ideas,, that provide us the entrance in a surreal but possible world.” @Giusatriani

Wow! This is great, and so different. 

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