african albinism portrait
Ethereal | 2022


DETAIL Ethereal | 2022
portrait of an african albino girl
Otherworldly | 2022


We Are One | 2023


Underneath The Surface | 2023



DETAIL Underneath The Surface | 2023

Worldwide only one in approximately 20.000 is born with albinism

In some African communities, people with albinism are seen as special and are even believed to have supernatural powers.

However, not all attitudes toward people with albinism are positive. In many African countries, people with albinism face widespread discrimination and prejudice. In most cases, they are even the targets of violent attacks.

Many African people with albinism are working to raise awareness about their condition and combat the discrimination they face and try to change negative attitudes to create a more inclusive and accepting society for all.

The exquisite beauty and strength of these individuals are truly inspiring, and their stories deserve to be told and celebrated.






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2022 – ongoing

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