in a land
far farther away

The Way of The Erhu | 2022

"a history of over 4000 years"

A self-portrait, for whenever I pick up my erhu, which is a traditional string instrument from Mongolia with a history of over 4000 years, I find the sound and melodies transporting me to another world. An imaginary mythical place with vast landscapes and endless horizons. In folklore, an erhu player embarks on a journey to play the instrument in a tranquil place, to bring the player into peace and harmony with the self and with nature.

The Year Of The Water Tiger | 2022

Detail from ‘The Year Of The Water Tiger’ | 2022

Her dress graciously braided by fields of frosty flowers,

In her peaceful reign,

loved by all,

Her worldly love will make her dress blossom,

To bring spring again after winter and fall.

Detail from ‘Peaceful Reign’ | 2022
A giant stag with a palace on his back
A Kingdom Amongst Clouds | 2022


In a world where animals are praised as gods by their guests

Their pantheon carries palaces, cities, and castles, graciously on their backs as precious jewels.

Decorated with the local treasures of the earth and built by the finest craftsmen, only the most beautiful is expected.

Withstanding the force of the oceans,

snowy mountains,

endless green

to the aridest deserts,

The inhabitants take great pride to be part of,

and have a deep love for,

their animal that carries them

to the wonders of the earth.






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2022 – ongoing

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