legacy by cheraine collette

Legacy | Legacy | 2020

Pelicans on scrapheap

Haphazard Collection | Legacy | 2020

Haphazard Collection Detail | Legacy | 2020

Polar bears surrounded by a scrapheap landscape

Metal Bushes | Legacy | 2020

Silverback Gorillas on a dump

Mountain View | Legacy | 2020

bears on scrapheap

Man-made Mountains | Legacy | 2020

brown bear closeup

Man-made Mountains Detail | Legacy | 2020

Lava Landscape | Legacy | 2020

flamingos and pink tubes on a dump site

Tube Jungle | Legacy | 2020


How will nature find its way with man-made mountains? 
The many mountains made by mankind, are as diverse as natures climates.
Jungles of tubes and bushes of sharp metal.
Mimicking a lava landscape with a haphazard collection of objects.
Will this be our legacy?
Is nature to overcome the toxic rivers that seep from these peaks into rivers and will it cradle live?
Will mankind witness nature conquer these mountains, as mankind has conquered hers, and becoming one again, making these mountains places of beauty, and erasing this legacy?


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Concept 2019

February, 2020 – ongoing

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